Listed below is a select list of Augusta Consulting’s accomplishments.

Renovations and improvements to town park and recreational facilities.

Design and construction of a corner park and recreational facility.

New HVAC system at justice center and police station.

Phase I and II brownfield cleanup of former gas station.

Phase I and II brownfield cleanup of former gas station.

Rail infrastructure development project to support industrial developments.

Economic development grant for rail spur construction.

Grant for rail spur construction.

Phase I and II Environmental Assessments at disused industrial facility.

Training grant for small manufacturer to retain 38 employees and hire six new employees.

Funding for an international shipping company to purchase and renovate a disused industrial facility.

Phase I and II brownfield cleanup of former gas station.

TIF funding used to repave and improve infrastructure.

US-EPA brownfield cleanup Grant for disused industrial sites

USDA Rural Revolving Loan grant for county infrastructure improvements

Phase I and II brownfield cleanup of former gas station

Completion of grant funding for the town master plan.

Funding for a health health and fitness trail.

Homeland Security grant funding police body cameras.

US-EPA brownfield coalition assessment grant for select redevelopment commission.

Grant funding used to construct a Gateway Park.

Indiana Brownfields grant for disused industrial facility cleanup. 

Phase I and II brownfield cleanup of former gas station.

Infrastructure and streetlight improvements.


“Augusta Consulting provided us with an exceptional experience. They literally assisted us with every detail of setting up our new North American Headquarters. From equipping our building to finding housing, it was a seamless experience.”
Mauro Milani
Operations Manager
“We worked with Brad Bookout, the Augusta economic development director, to overcome several obstacles that ultimately moved our project forward.”
Curt Starr

Town Board Vice President, Bill W.

“Augusta guided our town to complete a new Downtown Master Plan. Now for the first time in several decades, we are seeing major downtown improvements.”

Business Owner, Robert R.

“Augusta helped us to negotiate the purchase of a large industrial site and did wonders to navigate through all of the brownfield issues. Without them, the project would have never succeeded.”

Economic Development Official, Terry M.

“Augusta oversaw our Shell Building project from start to finish. We undoubtedly have one of the nicest looking buildings in the state.”

Park Board President, Teresa H.

“Augusta completed our Five-Year Parks Master Plan and now we are seeking funding for several new projects.”

Town Board Member, Jay S.

“Augusta put together a funding plan and secured funds for a new Health and Wellness Trail in our park. Working with Augusta on this project was invaluable.”

Police Chief, James K.

“Augusta secured no-match grants to purchase body cameras for our officers two years in a row.”

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