Specialty Services

Years of experience working with local government has shown the staff at Augusta Consulting that no two projects are ever the same. In the spirit of addressing the needs of our clients (no matter how challenging or difficult) Augusta has learned how to bring together our team of seasoned professionals to brain storm solutions to problems that other firms would normally turn away from. Oftentimes the problem at hand require expertise in addressing financial challenges prior to addressing the actual task. Augusta specializes in identifying specialty funding to address the problem and then executes a plan to obtain the funding. Once the funding is in place, Augusta helps our client address their issue. Augusta tailors and customizes our services specifically to fit your needs.

Over the years, Augusta has written local, state and federal grants that have secured funding for millions of dollars for both public and private projects. In addition, we have matched millions of dollars in private and public financing for our clients projects. Augusta helps you develop a plan, build consensus, seek funding, and deliver unprecedented results! 

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